When you need PROFESSIONAL music engraving. . .

  • You’ve just written a song — it’s scribbled out on paper and you would like someone else to play it.
  • Your band just created a new CD and you would like to have a songbook to go with it.
  • Your church is creating a new hymnal and you need to have someone to lay it out in book format.
  • You need to transpose a song you are singing to a lower key.

 You want someone to make sheet music for you

I can help you with these projects.  With a Bachelor in Music and a long-term professional music career, I’ve spent the last 25 years using Finale (the industry standard) and now Sibelius to create printed music for singers, songwriters, composers, college students, churches and music publishers.

Services available:

  • orchestral scores including part extraction
  • small ensemble scores
  • choral works
  • piano/vocal scores
  • song books
  • transpositions
  • lead sheets
  • arranging accompaniments
  • transcribing from midi files, mp3 files, CD’s or cassette tapes
  • working from handwritten copy

 Some of my past and present clients include:

  • Christian Reformed Church Music Publications
  • Brier Patch Music / Ken Medema, singer/songwriter/professional performer
  • The Hymn Restoration Society (Missouri)
  • Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (in Grand Rapids)
  • Creative Concepts Music Publishing (California)
  • Plymouth Music (Florida)
  • Word Music
  • Alfred Publishing

I use the latest version of Finale & Sibelius to make your music into a form suitable for publishing, either as a printed page, PDF format, EPS format, or TIFF graphic format.  Since I work with this software on a daily basis, I have the experience to know the tricks and shortcuts to do a quality job in the minimum amount of time.  This not only gives you a professional product, but saves you money, as well.

No matter what format you have your music in now, I can convert it into printable sheet music.  What you get in return is a PDF Master Copy that you can use to print off as many copies as you want.  If you don’t have access to a printer and need camera-ready pages, I can also print them at no extra cost to you.  (An extra charge is required for camera-ready orchestra scores and large works.)

Click here for samples of my work

After finishing your project, you will have an opportunity to check over the accuracy and format of the project.  If necessary, you may ask for corrections and other changes before the final Master Copy is created.  I want you to be completely happy with the results before we finalize your music.

This service is priced according to the degree of difficulty of your project.  Rather than set a specific per page rate which can make easier projects cost more than necessary, I charge by the hour.  Of course, I also understand that you’d like some idea of the pricing range involved, so the following rate guide gives you average prices for the most common types of projects:

Lead Sheets Average $25 – $40 per page
Hymns Average $25 – $40 per page
Piano / Vocal Scores Average $30 – $50 per page
Orchestra Scores Average $40 – $75 per page

I am happy to answer any questions you may have at this point, and would love to talk to you about your project.  The next step is for you to use the Contact form on this site to start the ball rolling.  I’ll need your name, email address, phone number, best time to call, and a brief description of your project.  From there, we’ll discuss an option for you to submit a copy of your proposed project so that I can give you a free, no-obligation quote on the requested job.After we have initially discussed the scope of your project, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the projected total will be required, with a minimum deposit of $50.  Payment is accepted via PayPal or cashier’s check, both for the deposit and the final amount due.

Let’s make your songs come alive by putting them on paper! 😀

What my customers say:

“Linda did an excellent job transcribing my music, I gave her the audio and midi files and she was able to make sense out of some complicated passages and rhythms, not an easy task….”   Greg Maroney, pianist, recording artist

 “It was a pleasure to work with Linda on our recent book, Unwearied Praises. Linda has an excellent eye for detail and her music engravings were imported into our page-layout software without any problems. I highly recommend her.”    Rob Clements, Managing Director, Clements Publishing

“I think the transcription is perfect, Linda, you are of course the very best in the world.”   Ken Medema, singer, songwriter, recording artist

“Thanks for the super fast service. It’s much appreciated.”   Sandy… Product Services, CRC Publications

“The New Testament hymnal is looking GREAT!”    Rev. Joyce Borger, Editor, Reformed Worship

“Now it is perfect.  Thank you for a professional job well done.  I hope I am able to get it before a public (eventually).”   Calvin Seerveld