Do You Need Help with Finale?

  • How do I put verse 2 under verse 1?
  • How do I add chords to my document?
  • How do I get the notes into my score from my keyboard?

Sometime you wish you could just have someone help you with something specific you are working on in your Finale document….a one time teacher.  How about one hour (or more) tutoring lessons?

Here’s how I can help you:

  • Contact me using the contact form and briefly describe what you want to accomplish during a Finale session.
  • I will set up a date and time with you.  Location doesn’t matter, because we will work over the telephone.
  • Send me your Finale document, so I can work with you at my computer to talk you through your software steps.
  • You call me at our set appointment time and we talk through whatever questions or issues you want to learn.

(Please note:  I DO NOT solve Finale Tech Support issues.  If you have problems with HOW Finale works, installs or behaves on your computer, you will need to contact them.  Go to for more information.)

I can work with both MAC and PC versions of Finale since they are mostly the same and the files work on both platforms.  For this service I charge $50 per hour in 15 minute increments. . . a bargain for one on one training.

Let me help you solve your next Finale “mystery”

Yes, I would like some Finale tutoring