Alan Carriero

Premier Performance of Rabbitmitten, U.S.A.

St. Cecilia’s Indoor Stage

September 25, 2011 at 4:30 pm

Grand Rapids 2011 Art Prize


Studio recording

performed by:

  • Hannah Mattia, Amber Middleton, Shari and Kelsey Bowers,
  • Jim Summerfeldt (the rapper)
  • Alan Carriero and Linda Missad

Rabbitmitten, U.S.A. is the last song in a musical play written by Alan Carriero.The story is a fantastical account of how Michigan came to be shaped the way it is. Have you ever noticed it looks like a giant mitten with a rabbit jumping over it?

Left to right: Linda Missad, Alan Carriero, Pam Steers

The song, Rabbitmitten, U.S.A., was presented by the students of the East Grand Rapids High School Drama department, under the stage direction of Pam Steers and musical direction of Linda Missad. Linda also arranged and created the soundtrack for this performance.

This fun, lively song is performed in a “Glee”-type style and incorporates everything from ballet to hip hop with a surprising rap section in the middle. See if you can recognize the cities and towns that are named.

Rehearsal at East Grand Rapids High School



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