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A vocal and instrumental Spiritual Journey

This CD has been designed to give the listener an experience of peace and joy.  You can use it for relaxation or meditation, as well as enjoyment.  The songs are available in a songbook, so you can enjoy performing and singing them yourself.  You can purchase the songbook by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy my creation…. blessings.

Sample Clips

Individual tracks can be purchased below as downloads.  Once the payment process is completed, you will be given a download link.

  01 How Can I Inspire You $1.29 Add to cart
  02 Visions $1.29 Add to cart
  03 Come to Me $1.29 Add to cart
  04 I Am $1.29 Add to cart
  05 Spirit Waken in Me $1.29 Add to cart
  06 Remembering You $1.29 Add to cart
  07 Thinking of Murf $1.29 Add to cart
  08 Remember the Blessings $1.29 Add to cart
  09 Create a Perfect Day $1.29 Add to cart
  10 Expectations $1.29 Add to cart
  11 The Breath of God Is in the Wind $1.29 Add to cart
  12 Be the Light $1.29 Add to cart

This CD is streaming live on the following websites:  Spotify 

Also available on Amazon Music and itunes

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × .2 in

Physical, Downloadable


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